Seeds of a Madness Flower

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Halloween is here again! The spooky reminder of hearty Autumnal Feasts, and the precursor to the Christmas rush. This is a super-bumper-jam-packed edition of FoF, so if you don't mind I'm going to jump straight in.First of all, Halloween Jewellery;I found this shop a while ago, and I love their quirky gothic jewellery. This pumkin necklace is awesome, loving the black chain, from Antoninette Jewellery & Accessories.At only �4.00 this ghosty necklace is a real bargain from MustDestroyJewellery, don't forget to check out the other items in this shop - the cherry and rubix cube necklaces are amazing.Werewolves and Vampires, the eternal battle entwined in this superbly effective bat and full moon necklace from Ich Bin. Ich mag Ich Bin!Glitter, bats, resin, need I say more? This brooch pin from Cherryloco ticks all my Halloween boxes.Like many other people I've gone slightly Owl mad of late, and this ring from All.Beauteous.Things is just too cute.Zombies, another Halloween favourite. Join the Halloween Zombie March this year and wear a Zombie necklace from Finest Imaginary.I was a bit of a Lego fiend as a child, and the skeletons and treasure chests in my Lego castle were my prized possessions. Probably explains why I like this necklace from Ducky Charms Jewellery so much.and now to Halloween Plushies!;These finger puppets from MuNGBEANS look a little more happy than scary, but I love them all the same. Everyone needs a joyous Zombie every now and again.Itty Bitty Scary Pumpkin Kitty from theothermousie, I've already bought one of Sarah's Dr Strangebones kitties, and am very tempted to partake of this one too.Dem bones dem bones, and a super amazing Jeffery Sock Dog from Hotdog and Me. This one may look a little dead, but he'll chase a bone faster than you can say Bone Daddy.This zombie plushie from Tee Originals is a little misunderstood. He may get cravings for brains but jam covered spaghetti might just keep him satisfied.Stitcher Scribbler has a wonderful selection of Halloween pins and plushies, last few remaining, so snap them up quick if you want one!This knitted ghostie comes from Peggy's Knits, great for Halloween - but since he's so cute I'd leave him out all year.I think the Halloween Jeffery Sock Dog would enjoy chasing this bone around the garden. Get one now from Helen Jane's Designs.Who says the only option for female Halloween fancy dress is slutty or old witch? Glam it up 50's style with this fascinator from Lauren & Grace. Also available in silver.The Cotton Potter has hatched upon an ingenious idea, turn useful jars into something a little more beautiful. Naturally there's a Halloween version too;Phew! Bit of a marathon post this time! I hope you enjoyed, and thank you if you're still reading at the end. Thought and comments below, I know I love all these items - would love to know which are your favourites. And finally, have a Happy Halloween!

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