Seeds of a Madness Flower

0 Comments Thursday, August 28, 2014 | @ 4:34 PM
I'd been chatting with Kirsten about my first blog on FoF and I suddenly thought about the old story of how do creatives get inspiration - how do they refresh, renew, revive and go forward? As a practicing designer of many many years and a lecturer in art and design it's been an ongoing adventure leading me in lots of different directions.Websites like Folksy and the web itself are full of visually interesting stimuli. I tend to avoid my specialism for inspiration as I think, for me, it's really important to go outwith my disciplines. It gives me an opportunity to look differently at what I see. My training doesn't kick in so I don't start to analyze what I'm looking at - I get the chance to absorb the simplicity and colour of polished wood, beautiful textures, pattern and shapes, atmosphere in a well taken photograph or sharp black and white.Perhaps some of these inspirational items below will take you in a different direction or just give you the idea to go off and investigate absolutely nothing to do with your specialist area. So come on knitters go off and look at some wonderful graphic design and all you painters out there, why not take a look at mixed media or fashion! You'll be surprised at what might happen!Stephanie Cole DESIGN : Guinea Fowl CushionKidel : Men's Cowl Knitcoolmummy : decoupage bike themeLingford Illustrations : Lobster T-ShirtSue Woollatt Engravings : Late ShoppingDig For Victory : Prom DressBlue Forrest Jewellery : Pearl EarringsBonnie and Jackson : Rajasthani WingchairLola's Room : Chevrolet Truckmini monaxle : fabric shoesSarah Julia Clark : Ladies First Book

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