Seeds of a Madness Flower

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The soft toys, sock toys and amigurumi on Folksy are simply irresistable. Although made for children I suspect that most Folksy toy makers actually sell to soppy grown ups like me!Cave Bears by Treaclezoo. "We borrowed a picture book from the library, my younger daughter and I, and we fell in love with the main character's teddy. And so the cavebears were born! " Fuzzy the Sock Bunny by Widget & Friends. "Fuzzy is all ready for those long, dark, winter evenings - he has his furry coat on already and is ready for snuggling...."Batman Alfie by Sew Sew. "Alfie is a happy little fellow who loves to spend his days dressing up as his favourite animals and characters. Depending on his mood you can find him in an array of different outfits. Here he must have been feeling particularly brave because he's decided to be Batman!" Chocolate Orange Monkey by Oddsox. "I'm made from a new over-the-knee tasteful chocolate-orange stripey sock � not made by Terry! I'm 47cm tall from head to toe and stuffed with polyfil. I have button eyes and and a hand-sewn wool mouth."Scotty Star trek meerkat by Nifty Knits. "Scotty has his tricorder across his shoulder ready to scan for Dilithium crystals. His original series Star Trek sweaters boasts Federation emblem proudly on the chest and has ranking stripes on the sleeves." Holiday Shortcake/Gingerbread Man by Heart Felt Hand Made. How about a shortcake man on your tree this year? Made from creamy felt with bright red cheeks, I think he would make a mighty fine decoration. Geraldine Barkton Sock Dog by Hotdog and Me. Geraldine is a one of a kind, handsewn sock dog. She once nearly met Orlando Bloom in our local town (he comes here to visit his nan, don't you know) but she chickened out and just watched from afar. It's not all black and white handmade teddy bear by Charming and Pretty. Here is a real Cutie....... An adorable Handcrafted Teddy with a difference, he has a moveable head and arms and just needs someone to love him, he measures approx 7" . Mini Rainbow Owlet by Aleximo Croissant. This is for one Owlet plushie, made by me for you. This toy is hand knitted from a combination of natural and acrylic yarns, and can't wait to fly off to a new home!Who's your favourite?

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