Seeds of a Madness Flower

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Christmas is all about the kids! There's nothing grander than seeing the expression on a child's face on Christmas morning, when they know that Father Christmas has been and left them just what they wanted. This year, ditch the gaudy plastic and usual mass-produced toys and instead choose some of these gorgeous goodies, handmade with thought, care and attention to detail...From babies to toddlers to the older ones, this selection of fun Folksy makes should give you some fantastic ideas!Guaranteed to be a favourite cuddly toy, I'm already in love with this cute little bunny from Plum Pudding. Soft, squidgy, pink and utterly adorable.Playing dress up will be a blast with this pirate kit from KvintageAnd especially for the girls, this Whimsical Pink Fairy Crown from EllaBellaFairy will satisfy even the most picky of is pink, it has netting, it has is perfect!Make learning fun with these colourful felt and hand embroidered numbers by Made with Tender Loving Care. A simple and tactile, educational game that toddlers will love to play with; a great idea.Brighten up the nursery with one of these colourful and cheery buntings from HollieLollie. They can be personalised with your child's name - contact the seller for your own customisation.Both boys and girls would love their own friendly robot to hang out with! Check out this excellent, grey fabric chap, by needlesandbuttons. Beep beep!All little girls will love a piece of their own special, fancy jewellery. FluffsStuffs brooches and hairpins are great for adults and children alike, using the best, retro, cutesy fabrics. This little girl and kittens brooch is sure to be a winner.Encourage your child's own creativity and make it easy to take those essential art items around on your travels. This children's travel art case by Little Daydreamers is perfectly pretty, and comes complete with paper and crayons.This small selection of gifts for children has hopefully given you a taste for the handmade Christmas for you and yours...Check out Folksy for more original ideas and remember....keep the handmade pledge!

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