Seeds of a Madness Flower

0 Comments Tuesday, September 9, 2014 | @ 2:10 PM
It's the middle of June, and thoughts are turning towards the holiday season. So what better way to celebrate (and hope that the rain stops soon!) than to conjure up the magic of a day out to the seaside, inspired by my own recent trip to Fife on the east coast of Scotland.Beside the Seaside by Little Paper GalleryShimmering Sea ACEO by Kath Heywood Original Art and Textile CraftsIce cream cone amigurumi by PipinopolisOriginal Acrylic Painting "Pebbles" 20" x 20" by redpaint!Paddling greyhound mini tote bag by Max and Molly Designsshell necklace by thalassa jewelleryNegril Lighthouse by Michael ClementPuffin Fridge Magnet by The Mosaic Gardencushion :: fish & chips (hand embroidered) by liz foster design

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