Seeds of a Madness Flower

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Like many of us I'm a sucker for all things vintage. I love rummaging through jumble sales and charity shops, where unlike a regular shopping trip, you never know what you'll come back with. Old mis-matched tea cups, broken jewellery and old hardback books are some of my favourite things to find. I'm lucky enough to have two really great charity shops in my village, and am only a short train ride away from the Northern Quarter in Manchester. But there are a few vintage inspired pieces on Folksy that have piqued my interest . . .I've called this article 'Neu Vintage' as there is a wonderful artistic direction that is sweeping crafters everywhere; new materials, vintage inspired style. Even my own new range of jewellery (to be launched nearer Christmas) fits in with this ascetic. So with out further ado, a few pieces that, to me, are fabulously Neu Vintage;Need a tattoo without the pain and permanency? Then Lost at Sea has what you need. Get into a 50's nautical theme with this beautiful anchor brooch;This is a wonderfully geeky take on the Victorian tradition of samplers. Miso Funky has some other great samplers including 'live fast die young', 'sniff glue worship satan' and the classic 'keep calm and carry on'. Definitely not your mothers embroidery.This is such an awesome idea, old saucers into candle sticks, with a very clever packaging idea too. Loglike has a wide variety of plates and saucers in pairs and singles, each with a lovely homey feel.I love old cameras, especially lomo's, and this hand-carved woodblock print from The Lapwing Printworks is simple and stunning. The minty green would go so well with my dining room.Lego, Best. Toy. Ever. You can even live in it, well James May did in his Lego House. These studs from KitchenSink are too cute, and in clears too! Remember the excitement of getting all your clear blocks together and making ice palaces with them? No? Just me then!These rings are so unique, the lace print almost looks like little crowns or waves. Available in oxidised or polished silver from All Those 3hrees, these are a delicate understated piece of timeless jewellery.Papercuts fascinate me, not the annoying little cuts, but the intricate and patient work like this piece by Made By Julene. The planning alone must be epic! Julene has many other lovely phrases in her papercut series like 'Where There Is Love There Is No Darkness'.And lastly, and item from a new seller on Folksy, Mr Wick. Younger sister to the wonderful Glue and Glitter, Katie makes amazing candles in retro tins and tea cups. This mustard tin candle has quite taken my fancy;Thats a small wrap-up of the Neu Vintage items I've , have a huge list of others so expect a follow up article in the future! I hope you've enjoyed it, and I hope a few of you support the Handmade revolution and partake of a few of these glorious items.As always, comment if you can. I'm continually touched by the wonderful comments everyone leaves, really keeps me going! Any suggestions of other items you think fit into the Neu Vintage category let me know below.Thanks for reading until the end.

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