Seeds of a Madness Flower

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Welcome to the first of our seasonal gift guides here on , we've started early so you can plan early! I've selected my favourite luxury gifts for you to drool over and covet madly, although I would love for a few of these beauties to end up under someone's tree (preferable mine).So enjoy these high end picks from the lovely makers and crafts people of Folksy, and leave a comment at the end if you have a moment.First up this amazingly gorgeous Mulberry chair from Bonnie and Jackson, isn't it just the picture of Christmas by a log fire with the scent of pipe tobacco and pine cones?In at two, a very unique idea for elegant jewellery from I can't remember my grandma's name. I love how you get the plate the pieces came from included to use as a display/jewellery keeper.A silver family book pendant from Ali Bali Jewellery would make a very special gift for Mum or Grandma, and a wonderful heirloom too.I've been fascinated with the papier mache bowls of Amelia Green Heart ever since I saw them on the front page, a wonderful piece of contemporary art for the home.I can't help but think of The Magicians Nephew and Narnia when I see the stunning apple with insect from Silverfruit. I don't know how its made, but I like it a lot.Awkward mother-in-law? Got a big budget but not sure what to buy? Then this beaded lace mohair shawl from The Crafty Bride could be in answer. Incredibly delicate and detailed, yet light as a feather, this shawl can not fail to impress.How about some craft based art to cheer up his study? This oak picture with spring flowers from Jane Blease Design is a lovely cheery piece, with a great sense of craftsmanship and detail.Teenage niece or daughter to buy for? These luminous peacock bright feather earrings from Still Tree are just the ticket. Metallic and rich colours are so on trend from AW2010 and SS2011 dah-link!

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