Seeds of a Madness Flower

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I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to feel all festive. Perhaps it's because in my non-crafty existence I've been unpacking cages and crates full of festive themed sock, scarfs, gloves and perfume coiffery (fancy gift boxes to you and me) for a well known department store for the last three weeks. Or maybe it's because the spirit of Christmas has come knocking at my door. I know which I'd prefer.So soon the Christmas tree will be forcefully pulled out of the hidden recess in my attic, and i'll get covered in glitter in the age old family tradition whilst decorating it. Plus some added swearing when I can't get the base to work. Ah! The joys of Christmas!Well to get us all in the mood, try the handmade option for your Xmas dec's. Buy these now for keepsakes of the future.I saw this little stocking a while ago, and since I can't cross stitch for toffee, it's gorgeous details really stood out to me. Snap it up quick from Sew Lovely.This decoration from PrimChick has a wonderful New England feel to it, loving the little pink heart and vintage type set.Inside the Wooden Box is offering a bumper pack of 5 ornaments of your choice, especially good - as I found it difficult picking just one for this article!Need a more feminine Christmas pud? Then have at look at these pretty floral decorations from Miss Trim, the button holly berry is so cute!One for the kids (or kids at heart!), a lovely plush reindeer from Monster Magic. Just look at his little nose!Yay! This decoration from Monda Loves... has ric-rac on it! Such a great combination of textures and different stitches, also available in green.Hot new Christmas temp in the office? Make sure you're always ready for a pucker with this adorable mistletoe brooch from Stitcher Scribbler.Lots of beautiful decorations from the ever talented Folksters, I love them, and I hope you like them too. Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.Article by Aleximo, xXx

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