Seeds of a Madness Flower

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finds itself a little behind schedule today...for which it can only apologise profusely and explain that this particular FOF writer is housebound and more or less uselessly lying about the place, streaming with cold. It's no fun. It reminds me that winter is around the corner and with it probably more colds, more days spent chilled to the bone, or raging with fever, sneezing and coughing and blurry eyes watering. Inspiration is not far away however and, given that I have been listlessly gazing at four walls for days, all I can think of is comfort and warmth and house and home. So here we are. How can Folksy help me through this most troubling of times? Well, let's see!If you have to be surrounded by a hundred tissues at all times, then you might as well try to enjoy it. Stuff a few of them into a cute little tartan and doggie button holder like this fun one, by DIVINEARTS.Keeping warm is essential. Cuddle up to this beautifully cable-knitted, teal coloured hottie by cushions and cosies.Then snuggle under this painstakingly patched quilt by Quilt Obsession. You may never want to get out of bed again!It's very easy to feel selfish when you feel under the weather. But think about others...and other creatures....when the weather starts to get colder. Birds will love this little home by London Clay Birds.And it's not only the birds that need a place to stay. Wudwerx make homes for wild little creatures. This hedgehog house is great...and they do a premium version too. Ooh la la! As Wudwerx says, it's only for the most discerning of hedgehogs.Keep your essential gadgets close to hand - your phone or iPod - in this delightfully embroidered and appliqued felt cosy by suezybees.Catch up on some card sending while you recuperate. This is a lovely, handmade, birdhouse shaped new home card by pollypurplehorse.If you do manage to drag yourself from under Quilt Obsession's cosy quilt, you could have yourself a relaxing hot bath and pop one of these cold and flu relief bath bombs under the running water. Containing eucalyptus, camphor and tea tree, just the thought of it makes me feel better already! Made by Posh Brats Bath and Body Boutique.Let's end on a very cheery note, with this fun, bright Dala House giclee print by Lucy Cunsolo. I'd love to live in a house like this! Then I'm quite certain I'd always be healthy and happy. I'll bet no one gets a cold in this house. Ta ta for now....Keep healthy! Atchoo!

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