Seeds of a Madness Flower

0 Comments Tuesday, November 4, 2014 | @ 3:34 PM
Red alert is the color of Panic.... I love red, I love it with a passion so I have been searching out red Folksy finds this week so that you can share my enjoyment of all things red. Red Racoon by Wollies. The Racoon is back! He is dashing and dazzling in red and would look striking pinned to a jacket or a satchel.Red and Black Punk Scarf by Wild Cat Designs. Perfect for any punk moments which come over you - for instance, when you feel like Dennis the Menace or Minnie the Minx! Upcycle Christmas Red Stocking by The Posh Scarecrow.This is an entry for the Sue Ryder - Folksy Upcycle Christmas Competition, have a look at the blog for details.Cute Red Felted Tub by Snowdrops and Daisies. Crocheted in organic wool and felted. Lambswool Red Pencil Scarf by Sara Carr. have designed and knitted this scarf using 100% lambswool, so it is lovely and soft. The pencil is a beautiful bright red colour. Red plant Cards by Lou Weasel Designs. Set of 2 notecards with red plant illustrations. Both cards are landscape format. Red Beaded Cuff by Hooked Yarn. This is a real statement piece! A wide cuff, crocheted in wire with a variety of red beads, with a ring and bar fastening. Scandinavian Red Hare by Dee Beale. 'Scandinavian Red Hare' was hand printed by myself on a Japanese B5 Gocco Machine.Red as Red can be Newborn Fiery Cotton Pixie by Cheese at Four Pence. This is an all-cotton, anti-itch, super-cute hat that will last well into the spring. Who could resist? So, tell me about your favourite red item on Folksy and I'll go check it out. Post the link to it in the Comments box.

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