Seeds of a Madness Flower

0 Comments Thursday, November 6, 2014 | @ 8:22 AM
We are definitely in an age of Hand Made and re-discovered crafts with an emphasis on natural and sustainable and you can't get more natural the wood! Folksy has a great selection of artisans working in wood, whether it's carving, turning or decorating. Natural wood has such a warmth to it and has the appearance of being only one step away from its source. I hope you like this selection. Scottish Oak wood bracelet by Eastfield Design.Brown Wood Bracelet by Happy BeadzHandmade wood hearts by Cookies CornerPedestal Clock by InglecraftRed Wood Jasper and Brecciated Jasper Necklace by McPherson's MiscellanyHand turned ball point pen in Lime wood,with green hardware by Pens of PerfectionTree by Portraits in WoodCeramic creatures on wood by Wiktorski CeramicsApple wood Potpourri bowl by Turning-timeA ring in a Harlequin of wood by Tree GemsSet of Three Rustic Natural Wood Candleholders by The Log BasketHurricane Keyring in Roupala Lacewood by Wood Jewellery

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