Seeds of a Madness Flower

0 Comments Sunday, November 16, 2014 | @ 1:10 PM
argh!!! ........ Christmas!!!! I don't like to see the shops with goodies till about Christmas Eve. Only kidding! But now's the time to get that special, handmade, unique, one of a kind present for all the family. I think it makes it more thoughtful and precious to receive one that's been thought through and not bought at the last moment when M & S are about to shut their doors.That's why it really does need a little forward planning (as we all know) and a bit more time to get that special gift sent to you. So now's about the right time and I hope these sweet items will tickle your fancy.... or your mum .. or your Auntie Jean ... or cousin Carol!HutchPotchThe Whistling CowgirlGlassprimitifShellybobbinsBrushes and BodkinsMollimooiloveheartsStitchesfromWalesHandmaidRed Brick GlassQuernus CraftsFunky ShoesAleximo CroissantMax and Molly DesignsFortune Favours the BraveRachel HendersonSo don't delay and get your orders in on time - you won't be disappointed!

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